I offer creative solutions to repetitive problems and obstacles, providing individual and couples therapy.

My treatment specialization includes:

  • Therapy for Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder
  • Grief Counseling
  • Work and Career issues
  • Stress Management
  • Addiction & Recovery
  • Conflict Resolution
  • EMDR Certified Therapist Attachment Focused
  • Breast Cancer/Health Issues
  • Life Transitions/Soulful Mentoring
  • Trauma: Childhood, Attachment Issues, and Single Incident
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Creative solutions for business expansion/challenges, writers, performers, artists, poets and athletes
  • Authentic Movement groups/training
  • Breast cancer/health challenges


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

I am an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Certified EMDR therapist. EMDR is an effective treatment for those suffering from relational trauma, attachment wounds, issues that won’t subside, and single incidents. EMDR can assist clients to feel empowered over their own unresolved issues and strengthen long help belief systems about themselves. Using a person-centered approach to each situation allows client and therapist to formulate a path of healing together.

I have been trained and had extensive consultation by Dr. Laurel Parnell, Ph.D, who specializes in Attachment-Focused EMDR. With her guidance and learning through my clients, I appreciate how EMDR therapy can clear the way for our highest functioning. It can assist in healing childhood trauma’s, PTSD, somatic issues, illness, pain and single incident trauma.

I am a faculty member of Parnell Institute that provides trainings, online seminars and resources.

Please feel free to call  or email me if you have further questions.

An Individualized Approach to Breast Cancer Therapy

Each diagnosis is unique to each woman and man. It affects each person with a set of circumstances that only they can sort through and find the best possible outcome. With the assistance of an educated, resourceful, and experienced therapist, there can be a shift that will ensure not just health, but the ability to thrive.

I began this journey when some of my long-term patients were being diagnosed and undergoing treatment for breast cancer, including intrusive biopsies and surgeries. After a while, I began to see a trend, and I contacted the best breast cancer doctors and surgeons in Sonoma County to increase my learning and understanding of cancer patient’s needs. I began to get referrals and deepen my education about the level of treatment that was effective for my patients. I have sat on advisory boards, attended medical conferences, been a keynote speaker, advocate in fundraising, and therapist to women/men and their families. I have also triaged alongside medical and alternative healing community leaders.

Several symptoms seem to coincide with breast cancer, and there are ways to help mitigate these symptoms through education, psychotherapy, and integrative approaches. The article The Journey of Breast Cancer: How Myth and Archetypes Support Healing was written from a keynote speech I gave (shortened and edited for this purpose) for a group of women in the business of wine, many who had been touched personally by breast cancer.

Points of You®: A Therapeutic Tool to Gain New Perspectives

Creating change requires our minds to be open to new possibilities so that we can view things from a new perspective. Points of You® is a method I use that focuses on the interaction between the intuitive, emotional right half of your brain and the logical, analytical left half.

Stimulating both halves of the brain using a combination of images and words creates a struggle between the emotional and rational hemispheres or your brain and temporarily short circuits the defense mechanisms of the mind. Points of You® uses images and words to engage both halves of your brain to create this “deliberate confusion” that allows our mind to let go of preconceived notions of what “should be” and be open to new ideas and points of view.

Mindfulness/Pause in our Lives

The practice of Mindfulness has been around for thousands of years. and is rapidly becoming mainstream. It is simple, yet challenging to learn to slow the multitude of thoughts, physical stresses, heart rate, blood pressure, and even more, the task-driven culture that dominates our society.

If we only take 5-10 minutes to step back, pause, and reflect, we can engage our more relaxed version of ourselves in a calm, productive, compassionate, and less judgmental fashion.

Mindfulness to Increase Focus, Energy, and Confidence

I focus on how to guide my clients to use mindfulness as a way to learn coping skills to encourage better ways to get along with family, work environments, day-to-day interactions that encourages self-confidence and greater ease.

The following article was written with these principles in mind: Take a pause, a breath, step back, feel your body, let it go the best you can, what truly matters right now?

Acceptance, Just As It Is!





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