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headshot With over 40 years of experience as a psychotherapist and consultant, I use many modalities to cultivate self-compassion and support the process of profound, long lasting change. I intend to relate to what will be most helpful for your unique situation, and together, we will work toward your goals. I trust the process of individuation a great deal and allow for the emergence of one’s internal resources to aid in each person’s healing. I have great faith in the human soul and allowing it to be witnessed by another in a safe container is what can bring long-lasting change. Being able to be both guided and lead by what comes from within is the beginning of a dialogue that can be relied upon as obstacles are overcome and resolved.

Long-Term Therapy to Achieve Profound Change.

Accessing our unconscious resources is critical for long-lasting change where I work within a relational model, as this is critical to repairing early childhood trauma and significant attachment wounds. I attribute most of the healing that occurs in working together for what brings meaning and significant change to you.

I bring a variety of skills and tools to assist each person who walks through my door and enters into a working relationship: I bring my Jungian in-depth background with the use sand tray, Authentic Movement, art, somatic awareness, Attachment Focused EMDR, neurobiology, dreams, imagination, Points of View ®, and psycho-social education. Please call for further information or conversation.

I work with individuals, couples, business owners, creative performers, writers, artists, healers and entrepeurners. Please call for further information or conversation.

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